We have succeeded in optimally procuring carefully selected food materials from superior suppliers throughout the world by using the Company's food safety management system and its global network. In addition to our trading function, which is a traditional strength of ours, we offer customized proposals for value-added products and services that use new materials and technologies.


  • fruit

    In this segment,we work with a professional technical advisor to develop, import and sell flavorful safe fruits from around the world such as China, Greece, Vietnam, Thailand, and Peru.

    [Main products]
    Canned and vacuum-packed fruit: For confectioneries (desserts such as jellies, ice creams, and cakes)
    Frozen fruit: For jams, preparations, and sauces
    Fruit fillings: For breads
    Freeze dried fruit: For confectionaries and cereals


    In this segment, we offer Potato flakes, a variety of nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts, as well as various kinds of dried fruit, and we have a large market share in all products. We import high quality raw materials from various regions including North America, China, India, Southeast Asia, South America, and Australia through the network of the TOYOTA TSUSHO GROUP. Some of the imported products are processed in Japan for sale as ingredients for snacks, confectioneries, breads, and food products to food manufacturers, bread and confectionery manufacturers.

  • Cooperation with

    Voicevale Limited(www.voicevale.com)is a capital affiliate partner of TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION and is a major nuts and dried fruit trading company in Europe. Our strength is that we share information with the company on producing regions and products, as well as consuming regions in the European market, the world largest market for nuts and dried fruit, in order to provide high quality information and services to our customers.


    In this segment, we carefully select and import only non-genetically modified soybeans from North America as the main materials for tofu, miso, soy sauce and fried tofu, traditional Japanese foods, and sell them to manufacturers and food wholesalers in Japan.
    We also offer processed soy products suited for soy drinks, which have gathered attention as a healthy food product, as well as develop high protein soybeans suited for manufacturing final products and soybeans that are uniform in size suited for natto. In addition, we thoroughly control the soybeans by variety and maintain their quality for sale. TOYOTA TSUSHO FOODS CORPORATION has a proven record of dealing with food grade soybeans for many years, and has gained customer confidence.


    In this segment, we import specialty crops such as whole buckwheat, beans (including azuki beans, kidney beans, and peas), sesame, and green mung beans from China, North America, Myanmar, and other parts of the world. We sell these specialty crops to food manufacturers, milling companies, and wholesalers as materials to make buckwheat noodles, sweet bean paste, processed sesame products, and to grow bean sprouts.
    We have an affiliate sesame processing plants (Qingdao Toyowa Foods Co., Ltd. ) in China to process sesame to make semi-finished products and finished products for sale in China and import and sale in Japan.


    In this segment, we offer seafood materials from around the world. In particular, we are one of Japan's largest importers of mackerel, horse mackerel, and capelin roe from Northern Europe, squid from South America, and fish roes and shellfish. In recent years, our focus has been on the intermediate trade of salmon and trout mainly to China and the export of mackerel and saury from Japan to the Middle East, Africa and Russia. We have been steadily increasing the volume of sales and, in turn, the market share in these areas.


    In this segment, we import a variety of shrimps and processed shrimp products from countries around the world such as Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and Central and South America. In particular, we have the largest market share for shrimps from the Philippines. We have a joint venture company for breaded shrimps in Indonesia. As increasing the world demand for shrimps, we will also focus our attention on intermediate trade.

  • MEAT

    In this segment, we import chilled beef, frozen beef, and offal (organ meats such as tongue) from Australia and New Zealand, and sell them to major meat wholesalers and meat processing manufacturers in Japan.
    We have established a system that allows us to provide beef from various regions to meet our customers' needs.
    We also import and sell sausages and foie gras as processed meat products.