President Message

Toyota Tsusho Foods Corporation, a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, is a food distribution company that has been constantly delivering new value to customers as a professional in food.

Right now, in Japan, the food market is shrinking in size, while people's lifestyles and consumer needs are increasingly diversifying due to the ageing population and declining birth rate, increasing numbers of single-person and double-income households, and other changes in the composition of households. At the same time, rapid advances in technology, like AI and IOT, are leading the Japanese food supply chains to enter a phase of major structural transformation.
On a worldwide scale, the environmental conditions concerning the stable production of food are undergoing drastic changes, such as increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

Regarding these changes towards greater diversification as opportunities, we believe our mission is to ensure a stable, safe and secure food supply by making the most of the strengths of Toyota Tsusho Foods Corporation, thereby contributing to creating an even richer and happier society through food.

“The Challenge for New Value Creation” We aim to be a company that always rises to challenges and changes itself to constantly create new value, ahead of the times, so that we can ensure that the expectations and trust that our customers and society have in us are not betrayed.

We look forward to your continuing support in the future.

Kenji Funato President & CEO