Our ideal goal
Go Beyond & Cross a Tasty Bridge
〜To make all-out efforts in our business
 for enjoyable eating in the future〜
As the global environment changes rapidly, we aim to protect the future of food and to enrich people's lives through foods.
With this mission in our hearts, we will develop our business while maintaining a spirit of taking on challenges and enjoying ourselves.
Whatever challenges we face, we will come together and deliver results that consistently exceed our customers' expectations.
All of our employees are food professionals as well as lively, radiant individuals.
Our mission and raison d’etre
Think about the future of food
and pass on the joy of food
  • ・Utilizing resources from around the world, we strive to solve the issues of our customers, society, and the environment through food, thus offering the joy of food to customers around the world.
  • ・We will contribute to the development of food culture while respecting our customers' trust in us and the safety and reliability of our food as well as giving consideration to the environment.
Our values and code of conduct
  • ・Always think about the future and act
    Each and every one of our employees will envision their future and act based on what they need to do to realize their ideal future and ideal self, without merely focusing on immediate profit.
  • ・Be a professional
    All of our employees love, pay close attention to, and enjoy food, and will strive to grow as professionals.
  • ・Team + Enjoyment
    By creating work that we can immerse ourselves in and enjoy, we will come together as a team and do our best to make all-out efforts to respond to and resolve our customers' issues and those of the environment.
Code of conduct
1. Contributing to society
To meet our stakeholders' expectations, we will keep in mind our role as a member of society, abiding by domestic and foreign laws and engaging in fair and transparent corporate activities.
2. Meticulous food safety management
To deliver products and warrant their safety and security to our customers, we will thoroughly practice meticulous food safety management.
3. Environmental initiatives
We will strive to lower the environmental burden of our business activities and strive to conserve the earth's environment.
4. Creating added value
We will offer our creativity and provide new added value as food professionals to serve customer needs.
5. Active work environment
By respecting our colleagues and pooling each individual's prowess, we will strive to create a workplace that enables the company and employees to grow together.