We provide products and services that meet social needs such as those of the aging society, health awareness, and food loss reduction through business operations that understand in advance the diverse needs of consumers. Furthermore, to satisfy all needs of our customers as a partner, we offer proposals that combine the following functions: Production and Processing Platforms in and outside of Japan, Development and Marketing, and Quality Assurance.



    In this segment, we are collaboratively developing a wide range of products--from factory ingredients to final consumer products--with our customers at our own manufacturing sites such as Shandong Fenglong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. (China) and Cradle Foods Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido, Japan) as well as at fabless development sites with which we have worked together for years.

    [Main products]
    Cooked frozen foods: frozen snacks, croquettes, gratin, soups, sauces, Chinese dim sum, deli foods, bread, seasoned and cooked vegetables
    Groceries: imported canned food, honey, products manufactured in Japan

  • Shandong Fenglong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
    (Shandong, China)

    A joint venture company established with the growing major Chinese food company "Longda Group," which knows and responds to Japanese market needs. Shandong Fenglong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. has been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan as a processing plant for cloven-hoofed animals and poultry. The company produces and sells cooked frozen foods, frozen foods, dried foods, and vacuum-packed foods for the Japanese and Chinese markets using safe livestock and agricultural products that are traced and controlled.

    Cradle Foods Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido, Japan)

    A processed food company that is jointly invested in by the Agricultural Cooperatives in Hokkaido and Toyota Tsusho Foods Corporation. Cradle Foods Co., Ltd. has obtained FSSC22000 (food safety management system) certification, thereby ensuring a safe management structure. It develops and produces safe, high quality food with agricultural, marine, and dairy products nurtured by Hokkaido's magnificent nature. The company offers frozen precooked foods, frozen and dried vegetables, and canned and vacuum-packed foods that meet customer demands.


    In this segment, we pursue flavor in each phase of production, materials, ingredients, and products.

    [Main products]
    Natural seasoning materials: oysters, kelp, clams, scallops, etc.
    Seasoning ingredients: monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and zymolytic seasonings, etc.
    Seasonings: sale of seasonings manufactured in Japan


    In this segment, we produce a variety of processed marine products, from primary processed products such as fish fillets and slices to final products such as grilled fish, simmered fish, and fried fish. We use many different kinds of materials to produce our products, including horse mackerel and mackerel from Northern Europe, Spanish mackerel from South Korea, colin from South America, Pacific cod from North America, and salmon and saury from Japan. We purchase materials through proprietary channels and process them at our affiliate factory in China.

  • wine

    In this segment, we have been delivering the delights of high quality wine for over 40 years by finding excellent wine producers, sharing our passion with them, and building trust.This segment offers wine as well as the enrichment brought about by wine and its food culture. In addition to serving as a wholesaler, we focus efforts into educating about wine through the operation of our directly managed website listed below.

    [Wine producing regions]
    France (Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux), Chili, Italy, Argentina, New Zealand, Portugal, and Australia

  • E-commerce site Petit Marche

    Petit Marche is an e-commerce site operated by Toyota Tsusho Foods that sells carefully selected and directly imported wines from France and many other countries around the world. All wine is imported in reefer containers and delivered with guaranteed quality, having been stored in temperature-controlled warehouses in Japan.


    We have a global network of valuable, trusted partners from and outside of Japan to steadily supply safe seasonal vegetables.
    In this segment, we sell selected fresh vegetables including sweet bell peppers produced at VEGi-Dream Kurihara (Miyagi, Japan; owned by Toyota Tsusho Foods Corporation) and imported sweet bell peppers and tomatoes.

    [Tomatoes for processing]
    Tomatoes from New Zealand and Japan: We have achieved the largest market share of imported tomatoes for processing by seeking out and steadily supplying the variety, freshness, and ripeness control best suited for sandwiches and hamburgers.

  • VEGi-Dream Kurihara Corporation
    (Miyagi, Japan)

    VEGi-Dream Kurihara Corporation was established to steadily supply high quality, safe, sweet bell peppers grown in Japan, and the company has been growing sweet bell peppers since 2009. At VEGi-Dream Kurihara, approximately 1,000 tons of sweet bell peppers are grown annually in a 6.7-hectare greenhouse. This is the largest greenhouse in Japan.


    In this segment, we develop frozen, dried, and boiled vegetables in collaboration with trusted suppliers and our own manufacturing sites at home and abroad, engaging in proposal-based sales to solve customer issues as vegetable professionals.

    [Main products]
    We develop and process products that are convenient and easy to handle for customers, including those at food plants and in restaurant kitchens.
    Frozen vegetables: root vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs, etc.
    Dried vegetables: onion flakes etc.
    Boiled vegetables: leading market share in boiled bamboo shoots, wild plants, and Japanese deli food

  • Dalat-Japan Food Co., Ltd (Vietnam)

    A frozen vegetable plant on the Dalat Plateau in Vietnam established to export flavorful highland vegetables to Japan grown on the plateau. By taking advantage of the cool climate, Dalat-Japan Food Co., Ltd focuses on producing and selling sweet potatoes and pumpkins. With strict standards for raw materials, production is thoroughly controlled from materials to final products. In recent years, the plant has also been developing products that have been processed further to satisfy customer requests.